The Mastery Program is for a person who...

  • Wants it all! A comprehensive training program and one-on-one personalized coaching so they can get their business quick-started and earning income faster

  • Know they need extra support and guidance during the start-up process

  • Want that one-on-one mentorship to help them get clarity on important decisions, strategies and business vision

  • Appreciate encouragement and inspirational input during the challenging times of startup

  • Have difficulty staying focused and organized on their own when managing a lot of details

  • Feel more confident having a trusted source for ideas, feedback and problem solving

Two Payment Options!

Payment Plan Includes Financing Fees

What Our Students Say...

"This program has transformed me! Deborah gives us all the tools to accomplish our entrepreneurial adventure from scratch to our first customers. But it's much more than training, it's shown me the heart of what it means to be a senior downsizing professional! "- Julie C.

See what's included in this Amazing Mastery Program!

  • Senior Downsizing Specialist Online Training Program

    You'll receive all four core training modules: Introduction to Senior Downsizing, Business Start-Up Essentials, Marketing and Branding Your Downsizing Business and Downsizing 101: Skills, Strategies and Tools.

  • "Kick Start Me!" Personalized Coaching Program

    You'll receive 12 go-at-your-own-pace, one-on-one private coaching from a certified Downsizing Specialist and Life Coach to help you fast-track your business start-up and make income faster.

  • Extra Bonus! Unlimited E-Mail Access Between Coaching Sessions!

    Mastery Program members get extra support between weekly coaching sessions via unlimited e-mail access to their coach and mentor! Unparalleled support to get your downsizing business up and running in as little as 90 days!


Senior Downsizing Specialist & Transitions Life Coach


Hi! I'm Deborah! I'm a Senior Downsizing Specialist and accredited Life Coach with a specialization in Life Transitions. For over 14 years now, I've helped seniors and their families navigate the challenges of downsizing and it's been the most rewarding experience of my life. Now, as Founder of The Downsizing Institute, my mission is to pass on all the hard-earned experience I've learned along the way to train/coach new business owners starting their own downsizing businesses, as well as teach seniors and their families practical tips & strategies for a less stressful downsizing experience.

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